VGA Planets

I was just wondering, if there are any old VGA Planets players lurking around here. I know Master of Orion rings a bell here, so I was wondering. (MOO was made by people who were in the initial player group of VGA Planets, largely living in the same street as the VGA Planets developer Tim Wisseman).

For those that do not know VGA Planets, it was popular between 1990 and 2000, but by then it was showing it’s age (It’s primarily DOS based, although it does have a windows version) and the developer tried to create a version 4 that never seemed to have taken off, in my view because it was too ambitious for a one man developer, and it seems to have died after 2004. For it’s day and age, it was quite popular (65 000 players) and it seems that the developer lived of it’s proceeds for most of that decade.

Seems the community here might have a few old players lurking, so I was curious.

Played a bit but got into Stars! instead.



Okay I know this is month’s late in response - but I am a newb and it takes time to go through all posts.

Yes I loved the game. I used to play it over a BBS. Miss it, but it was definately getting dated quickly.


" ‘VGA Planets’ ? Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time…a long time."


Seriously, nice topic. While I never got into the proverbial deep end of the pool concerning that game, I still recall it fondly!

One game that can practically make me weep from pure nostalgia is “Reach For The Stars”…the original version, that is. Without RFTS, there would have been no Master of Orion. And without MoO, there might have been no GSB.

I played many an all-nighter of RFTS on the Mac SE/30 back in the late '80s. Tech research! Planetary surveys, looking for systems with non-craptastic suns and habitable worlds. Enemy scouts discovering my new “secret” colony worlds. Attacking with Tech Level 2 starships, only to be repulsed by the defender’s TL3 garrison ships. Argh. And the occasional plague or supernova to spice things up! God, I miss that game sometimes…how the decades fly by.

An SE/30? Wow, I was using a LC back in those days…

How to put a DVI input into a vga output on a laptop? I just got a dvi to hdmi adapter and realised that my laptop had a vga output! Is there a way how I can make this work?

external keyword tool ~ ~ ~ ~

A VGA to DVI adapter usually :stuck_out_tongue: I think you may be in the wrong place though. If you have a new question it’s usually best to start a new topic so that people can find you easier.

Well we could go back to waxing poetically over VGA planets again…

Whats DVI anyhow?

Digital Visual Interface, the digital replacement for VGA that supports much higher resolutions and refresh rates. The connector looks like this: