Victory Conditions?

Does anyone know what the exact victory conditions are? I’ve seen a few battle end where it seems like it’s down to the line, and then one side wins before it seems really decided. I just had one battle where it was down one cruiser verses two frigates and a sqaud of fighters. I think the percent was 14% to 15%. Every ship was on fire, so any shot could have killed any ship potentially. Then one frigate got destroy, dropping the percent to 10%, and it was victory for the cruiser… It seems like when it is that close it should really be a battle to the end. Or at least have to drop them to 1-2%. A 14% to 10% doesn’t really seem like a victory.

First team to 10% loses is the standard game-ending condition. I think there’s a timer to prevent stalemates, too (i.e. if nothing blows up for a while, the team with the most HP remaining is declared the winner).

Personally I’d like to see the % drop based on damage of a still alive ship. It’s a bit unfair that a cruiser can be virtually useless and still count fully and prevent you from winning. Not a large issue, but a pet annoyance.

Yes, this would be nice. It would give a more fluid representation of how you’re doing throughout the battle, too.

On the other hand it would suck if you had one or two cruisers left, badly damaged by fighters under their shields but still largely functional, more than capable of beating what’s left of the enemy fleet, but because their health is low, you lose.

I agree.

A shieldless and with very little armor cruiser can destroy many enemies if they’re far and slow enough.

Easily solved. Make it using hull HP. Those are modules, thereby if it’s low on hull, most of its modules are badly damage / destroyed. Thus if it’s low on hull, it’s functionality is reduced. Tada, fixed.

I just played a challenge where I lost all my capital ships but still had a substantial fighter force left. As soon as my last capital ship blew up (26%), I was presented with the defeated screen but I left it running. Sure enough, the fighters killed all the remaining enemy capital ships with plenty of unwounded fighters.

I got nearly the exact same situation, but with a number of light ships and a single missile cruiser, and on another occasion with a fleet of fighters supported by a few cruisers, it can be very annoying.

Cliff, is there a setting we can tweak to force 100% kills for victory? Most battles are runaway at some point, so I don’t think they would be longer or boring if they went to 0%, while the ones where the player wins (barely) would be kept going.

If you look at SAC-15 I tried to deal with this problem by putting in a decoy cruiser.