Victory panel popup too early ?

The victory panel pops up and freezes my actions before the battle is over. I like to watch while every last enemy fighter is cut down.

At the moment I can still move around the battle, but have to ‘peer’ around the victory panel.

It would be nice if one could minimise the victory panel until the battle was fully over, and then choose when to stop the actions oneself.

Yeah, I totally agree. At times it’s ended the battle when there’s still several enemy cruisers left!

It’s also the same thing with the Defeat panel, sometimes I have two cruisers left that could clearly take the remaining two or three enemy ones but the battle is considered a Defeat, I think that’s because the victory condition is based on the percentage of forces remaining rather than the real number, I think it considers a victory or a defeat when you have 10% or less of your forces, or the enemy forces remaining, and by “forces” I’m talking about ships and not fighters because fighters alone cannot claim victory, but they can cause a defeat. I think that the whole victory conditions system needs to be revised a little bit at least.

I’d definately have to agree. Many times while trying to get the highest honor possible, I’d have just a few ships left, clinging to that last little bit, but if you drop below 10% or just have fighters left, no matter how many, you lose. Not really fair, since the honor system in the game encourages you to use the minimum possible, but cuts you off at an arbitrary point.

Perhaps a button should pop when the enemy has “admitted defeat” allowing them to surrender. If you don’t click it, you can continue to blow them to smithereens.
As for it cutting out when you sill have fighters left. I have experienced this. Was a tad miffed. It would be handy if there was a tick box at ship placement that said “suicidal bravery required”, though that would be pointless. I cant think of a reason not to have it on unless it had drawbacks. Maybe just a few of your fighters could say “screw this! I’m outta here” if numbers get too low.

I think we just need new victory conditions as part of our game-play options, as to accommodate different tastes. We should at least have the standard “annihilation” (or whatever name you can think of for it) mode in which the player must destroy every single enemy unit down to the very last fighter to claim victory. Then we could have per-class-ship conditions/modes, for instance “cruiser assault” (or, again, any other name you’d prefer for such a mode) in which the player would have to destroy all the enemy’s cruisers to win even if there are frigates and/or fighters left, et cetera (same mode but for frigates, and so on). Then the “default” mode, the one we currently have, based on the percentage of the fleet remaining (currently at 10%). And so on… and of course the on-line challenges would be updated “per mode”, with a new filter to determine if the challenge(s) were made under specific victory conditions. I know it can be done, but I would prefer it be done officially by the developer, although I would certainly be happy to see it happen as a modification, which I would surely try.

How about a smaller victory panel that could be minimised and then maximised when I was ready ?

I have never had this happen to me, but it seems a bit counter intuitive when the Admit Defeat button dialogue is “Are you sure you want to abandon all hope of a last minute, unlikely, heroic victory?”

I think that the player should decide when he/she loses. After all, THE PLAYER IS THE GENERAL! Doesn’t the general give the retreat order?

I totally oppose having player set victory conditions. It would be too easy to make a fast fighter forever dodge a slower fleet, creating stalemates and pure bordem.

Oddly enough, it appears to be possible to at least close the victory panel without exiting the battlefield (click the X in the upper right corner, like so many program windows) - at least I managed it and then couldn’t figure out how the hell to get to the stats window (finally hit Esc, as common sense would dictate). So maybe it wouldn’t be too tough to put a minimize option on it?

What about if there is one fighter left up against a hungry AA battery. Would he wait for the generals word to turn and run?