Virtual Box (Windows XP on CentOS)

I was very impressed with your blog concerning pirating games, so I downloaded your democracy 2 demo to test it on my Windows XP instance running in a VirtualBox 1.64 VM on CentOS 5.2

I get D3D error and the drawdebug.txt file says:

Initialising Direct Draw
Attempting fullscreen mode
Creating Context at 1024 768 32
Forcing Fallback Init
Attempting Fallback Init

I bumped up the memory to the graphics card to 128mb and the VM has 768mb RAM … I even tried 32, 24 and 16 bit in 1024x768 mode.

I guess that this game will not run inside a virtualbox windowsxp VM … too bad too as I really wanted to support you after your blog post … but not enough to actually install windows on a machine :smiley:

My daughter has an XP machine, so I will try the demo there.

What about wine? I just played it on there and I’m not sure it didn’t work better than it does on windows.

I’ve had several people say it now works great on WINE. I know little about such things, but apparently its running ok.