Vision problem

Take a look at these two pictures. What’s the problem with them?



(Answer: The cloud cover makes it too hard to see properly.)

The cloud cover is visible down to 7 levels of zooming in. This, in fact, isn’t realistic. Real clouds actually exist at a ‘cloud bank’ layer. The height varies and when at ground level it’s called ‘Fog’. Anyway, it’s obscuring and excessive and what can players do, except turn off the graphics option for it?

Suggestions: Cease to draw clouds at 2 levels of zooming in. Don’t draw clouds at all on night maps, because vision is already poor.

Vision problem Part 2

What’s wrong with this picture?:


(Answer: The UI covers the bottom road, nothing can be seen. Turrets can’t be selected or deconstructed, only built.)

Suggestion: Expand the map boundary to allow the camera to view the entire combat area.

You may also observe how much easier it is to see with the clouds turned off.

you can now control cloud transparency on the options screen. I’ll work on the other thing…

“you can now control cloud transparency on the options screen.”

I can turn them off, but I can’t see a transparency slider anywhere…

are you sure you have the latest version?

1.004. I waited until its release before posting that I couldn’t find the transparency slider.

Options screen screenshot:

Aha, no slider yet, but it is found in

my documents\my games\gratuitous tank battles\config.txt



config changes are nice too. :slight_smile:

Not as easy as a checkbox or slider, but still nice to be able to change, although I kind of like the clouds the way they are.