Vista Issues

I just downloaded the demo the other day wanting to make sure this thing ran on Vista before buying it.

At first everything seemed fine but then I realized if I let the game play long enough it crashed for seemingly no reason.

Another issue. If I don’t start the game immediately after windows starts the text won’t show up. For example, I can click the menu options and start the game but none of the text on the menu shows up.

As you can imagine that’s a huge problem. I have a pretty powerful system. 4 gigs of RAM. ATI Radeon X1600 with up to date drivers. Any idea what’s causing this? Thanks for any help.

There is a problem with the ogg files for the music. If you delete the two largest ogg files in the sound directory of Democracy that solved the crash problem for me.

The crash thing is likely the sounds indeed, but the text thing is much stranger. do you have some other program that you run which will cause this? it sounds like something is using up all the available fonts and GDI resources, and preventing democracy using them.