Visual damage


The visual damage doesn’t seem to correspond with the damage to the chassie. For example, it never actually disappears even if the hull is repaired. But most importantly, a hit that causes no damage due to shields sometimes still causes the damaged hull effect.

Is this likely to be fixed? Because it’s incredebly odd to see a fully function and capable cruiser which hasn’t even had its shields penetrated with the damage effect decals all over its hull.

The repaired hull damage graphics will be fixed at some point.
The hull damage effect while shields are still up aren’t a bug, damage is actually being done due to leaky shields or fighters.

I’ve actually been working on code today (in between doing my accounts…yawwwwwwwwn) to make damaged ship areas fade back to normal as they get repaired by auto repair systems. It looks pretty cool, but needs some extensive testing before its released.

This happens even if the damage isn’t being done by fighters (I tested this out in the tutorial).

However, I’m not aware of “leaky shields”. The shots do no damage to anything but the damage visual effect is still done.

The leaky damage does work…It’s more than possible for shield tanks to be battered into uselessness through their shields. It’s not a lot of damage though and if you have a repair system it will be fixed almost immediately.