Visual Fidelity

So don’t get me wrong I do like having the option to color things and I think its great that the game will have color coded elements to help the player but at the same time I think the games bright and bold color scheme can be a bit overwhelming. All the clashing colors and a new player has to learn which ones to ignore.
I think the game would benefit from toning down the colors of resource importers and conveyors, and have the option to color code them as well.

The problem I have is trying to find different stations and I think I have an idea for that. Why not put the station logo on the floor or objects in that station? Also when you zoom out there is already a colored code for each station category. I think carrying that over a little bit into the actual textures of those stations would be extremely helpful. Whether it be through the resource importers, conveyors, robots, or any combination of things.

A “station logo” on the floor - good idea. I greatly disagree with the assertion the graphics are too bright and bold. I think they’re just right. I had issues with some floor tiles making it hard to view the stations so I modified them so your eyes can properly focus. However there may be an RGB color palette file to adjust the colors to something more to ones liking via modding.

I like the bold colors, but I just think there are a lot of colors for no reason and not enough colors for distinguishing different stations and sections within a production line

Thanks for the feedback. I do agree with you that in terms of finding specific slots, there can be too much visual confusion when zoomed in enough that the floor colors disappear. One thing that may help is eventually I want to introduce floor tile customisation that would let you ‘paint’ floor areas to lay out your own defined areas.

I have recently changed the game so all ‘welding’ robots are red, and have sparks, and the others are orange, which may also help. Plus the fans for drying undercoat are now different to the ones that dry finish.

All of those changes are steps towards differentiating the slots a little bit more so each one is easier to recognize, and I might go a bit further in that direction.

Modern factories have a really bright look to them. This helps illuminate literally problem areas and spaces where stuff accumulates.