PC Gamer Uk are doing a ‘readers top 100’ list of games where you can vote on-line for your top 10 games, and they put together an overall top 100.
Amazingly, they have listed Democracy 2 as one of the eligible games to be in the list!
I would REALLY like to make it into the top 100. I don’t expect to rank very highly at all (if at all) but it would just be great to be anywhere in that top 100.
Anyone can vote, you just need an email address (signing up is quick and easy, just like a forum).
The voting is here:

And you will find Democracy 2 in the ‘strategy’ section.
If you do vote for D2, please reply to this thread so I can see if I have any chance whatsoever :D. And massive thanks to everyone who votes. I really appreciate the time people take to help me promote my games.

Hi Cliff,

Just voted for Democracy 2, although it only made it at number 3 (Behind Football Manager & Warzone 2100), and actually it was a vote for Democracy as a series, not 2 by itself (for me that is)

Good Luck, hope you can sneak in at no. 100.


Just voted Democracy 2 at my #1 spot, just above Laser Squad Nemesis.

Best of luck!

Thanks everyone!

i placed my vote. you were second behind wow.

Hey that’s good to hear. Hope I make it somewhere whenever it ends!