VOTE for Kudos AGAIN! (different competition)

Just heard that Kudos is nominated for a ‘Zeeby’ at the casual game of the year competition:

I didn’t win the players choice at game tunnel (although kudos did very well in the simulation game category), but YOU can make a difference here:
just go here:
and start voting! I’m in about the 4th category, so don’t worry that you don’t see my game listed in the first page. Anyone can vote, and at the end of the vote they just ask for an email address to send a confirmation email to (to prevent mass cheating).
Go on! it only takes a moment![/img]

There was only one category where I hadn’t played any of the games mentioned… I had to guess based on logo because it didn’t give me the option to skip that class. Would have been more a accurate vote if “I haven’t tried any of these” was an available option.

Yes I agree. it presumes people are totally aware of every one of those games. This will obviously skew the results in the direction of games with nice logos ;(
Oh well.

Votes in. Some were hard for me cause I liked almost every game in the category!

Voted. I don’t like that it makes you vote in all the categories even if you’ve never played any of the games.

Yes, and I think that some of that factored into the final “awards.” Too bad; voted for Kudos, was hoping it might at least earn a mention.

Eek! I just saw this thread and voting is over.

Sorry I missed it, Cliff. :frowning:

Anything up this year? It could be the chance to get revenge, this time :wink:

you can always sign up at and vote my games up :smiley: much appreciated if you do :smiley:
As a small company, I really need all the publicity i can get. That means forum signatures, or posts by people recommending my games, every bit really helps spread the word.