Vote for your Favorite Ships - And the Winner IS !


Judging from the look of things, I’d say that Entry 6 was made using ms paint… Imagine how long it must have taken.


What makes you think it was using MS paint ?


Look at the edges, they have tell tale signs of being cut from another image pixel by pixel, those engines were obviously cut out manually (look at the outer edge, it’s uneven and not continues) and the hole sections appear to be simple rectangles (really the best someone using ms paint can do). Also, to save time, they only cut half of the image and copied then flipped it over horizontally to form the second half. Also, see the cockpit? it was made using the circle maker in ms paint (you can tell from it’s lack of texturing and lack of anti-aliasing.


Man, if you are right, you have an amazing vision and a amazing critical eye, i’m very impressed.


We now have 10 ship designs showcasing the various talent in the community.
When sending in the ship designes, I have also recieved some gems of wisdom which i thought i should share.

  • A good website for names of ships if people want to use ancient Greek :slight_smile:

  • When designing a ship, do not be in a rush to flatten the image (ie reduce the number of layers)
    Because then you try and edit a flattened image, you may get more jaggies (the rough pixalated outline on a ship)


YAY :smiley: i wonder how many ships we will get in total :slight_smile:


10 cool designs, keep them coming! :smiley: [size=10](so I don’t have to do many ships for Praetors :P)
(jk, he makes really good drafts for ships :slight_smile: )[/size]

And for the ones who don’t know, the format specific for GIMP that allows multiple layers is .xcf

I normally have a look for names in Wikipedia but for the non-spelunkers that place will come in handy :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL guys, please, its Mr Praetors, not praetoras hahaha im not a women xD

I take the names from here: … riegos.htm
Yeah, ik, it’s in spanish, but you do not need to read descriptions…

EDIT: woah darkstar, that list of names is great :smiley:



I’ve seen lots of places for names but none like this one.

Looks a bit around the webpage

Oh! nice, there are Catalan names too. May come in handy someday in the future.
(Yes, I’m Spanish AND Catalan)


Cool :smiley: Preatorus are you going to make a ship or have you already made one?! :slight_smile:


You will have to wait and see. At the end of the competition i will reveal who were all the talanted people behind the submitted ships


Is it strange that im looking forward to find out who made the ships a little bit more than which is chosen xD


agreed, it was a great idea to keep the authors a secret.


Well, you are some kind of telepath?! Just some seconds ago i finished and showed to Darkstar and Sirjamon my first cruiser, the “EX-Angelos Fast Cruiser”, i will not show it to any other people for now, but i can say one thing, it has [size=200]HUGE[/size] engines.
Oh, I have not thought about participate on the contest… Because the designs what i make will go directly to the mod, but since this is a Community Mod, I’ll have to stop doing things that way.
Seems like im not a bad ship designer, so, the secret ships what im drawing and making are not “ugly”, or that is what i think xD


I have my moments :slight_smile:

In all honestly i am really happy with the number of submissions we have had so far. The list of people varies from budding new modders to some venerable veterans.

Apart from being valuable GSB forum members, another thing in common is that all of these people have freely donated their time and for that I thank them.


oh yes, i feel the same thing here, i love the teamwork :smiley:


No the “EX-Angelos Fast Cruiser” is not ugly, although i wonder if those engines are fuel efficient . . .


LOL yeah, they are too big, maybe some kind of ultra-mega-super compresed matter :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder who made entry number 6 and 7 those (one was definitely using ms paint and the other could be (but could just someone who flattened it wayyy to early).


Number 6 and 7 had an uphill batttle from the start as they used materials of some fighter designs from the unity mod.
Thats why they look flattened, also they have been zoomed in to a cruiser size even though they are the size of fighters.

P.S. - Sucking up to me does not help you win this competition - i do not choose the winner, the forum does :slight_smile: