Vote for your Favorite Ships - And the Winner IS !


I’m pretty sure many of you be surprised to know who or who made entries 6 and 7


I? No.

EDIT: Is amazing what one person can make only with one or two tips and a objetive. WIN :stuck_out_tongue:
PS: yeah the entry 7 was posted too fast.


im more curious on who made 3 and 5, and how they were made


yeah, i must admit it, those designs are something… different.


something just hit me. isnt this what the open discussion was for xD


When you read the previous comment then the one I’m quoting, It seems like ur indicating that you’re the one who made number 4. Then, you said “Sucking up to me does not help you win this competition”. Was it you who made it?

@ponyus: no, when we discuss here, we bump this thread up…


@Randy Tjang
As much as i would love to take credit for that ship design i cant becasuse its not mine and i have also said that i will not be entering into this comp. (cant think of any good designs and still working on previous mods)

As for the “sucking up” part i was sending a public message to the unamed person that sent me a private message (you know who you are). But your right, the location for that message was poorly placed and is misleading - Sorry about that.

So long as we are talking about the ships and the competition its sorta on topic.

However ponyus is right, we should keep the comversation to voting and any feedback for the [size=120]Anonymous[/size] authors


Haha, yeah, but i must admit (again) this was a interenting conversation xD


i think i have a clue :wink:

but i wont tell ^^


Once i have counted the votes it will be open forum and people can start braging about their ship designs or letting people guess who did what. And yes, there are a few suprises to be had.


Woot BRAGGING :smiley: I wonder what a combo of all these ships would look like xD
BTW design 11 is awsome :smiley: is it me or does the tribe spawn good mod ships :slight_smile:


Seems like the tribe are easier to mod, for me, the worst race for modding is the Order, man i cant do anything with them!
Yeah, i like the entry 11, but seems like someone zoomed in too much… [size=50](yeah, you darkstar!it’s a fighter not a cruiser! LOL xD)[/size]
Well, actually I like all the designs, some are better than others, yes, but for me they are all unique.

[size=150]Thank you very much for your effort guys, continue the good work![/size]
God, we need to do this more often!


Haha i agree this is fun :smiley:


Thanks to the efforts of talented forum members we now have 13 fantastic entries. But I think we can get more. So I am calling out to the modding members of the forum to find some time and design a ship for the benefit of the community.

I would love to see some ship designs from:

  • Cliffski
  • Eich
  • xeranes
  • Cen2050
  • Woden501
  • Dantalion
  • 123stw
  • Lonestar
  • Severian-Void
  • N3MES1S
  • Schimera
  • Kete
  • GATC
  • ponyus
  • Zayack
  • Peter1x9
  • mrjjay
  • BlackVega
  • Hybrinoid

And how about some of the admirals, you have provided the forum with your wisdom, now is the time to show us your shipwright talents.

  • Thunderbird
  • yurch
  • Archduke Astro
  • AcePalarum
  • lkohime
  • Cetiah Nova
  • Ramcat
  • alimarin
  • Pandarsenic
  • gunnyfreak
  • SirJamon
  • ponyus
  • Geressen

If you name is not on the list, then put a ship together and join in and if you have already provided a ship, then make a better one !!!
Come on peoples, I want the community to be spoiled for choice so get building.


Has Cliffski ever made a modded ship and posted it on the forums? [size=1]Text Size 1![/size]


My congratulations to the first brave to launch a Leviathan, I was wondering if anyone would dare do something like that, it is really impressive, you won… my applause, you will wait and see if you won that category. :wink:
C’mon people, I’m sure many have huge and beatiful ideas in mind, do not waste time and make them reality!! :wink:

Same for you cliffski :wink:

if some wonder whether I’m just watching them from here, they are wrong, the first frigate has been completed and the first cruiser is well underway, the hull designs of a frigate, a destroyer and a drone already been created, just need the damage hulk and sprites. Thanks to Sirjamon.
All weapons and modules created as yet are totally functional, thanks to the fantastic Darkstar076 turret sprites.

Today i created my second gameplay video with a music/hull testing only for those who requested, here it is:

You need to download it, i cant upload it to youtube because the music has copyrights, do not be lazy, JUST 14 Mb!!
[size=85](If you like it, there is another video in my signature)[/size]

What’s next for me? Im Starting to make the Target Dummy Ships, Drones, Corbette, Destroyers and Dreadnought/Leviathan modules, ohhh yes i have a lot of work, and more is coming!
Yeah, Praetorian Industries will be huge, it will have Drones, Fighters, Corbettes, Defensive Satellites, Target Dummy Ships, Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Space Stations and 1 or 2 leviathans… Yeah! 10 Different Classes with his own special modules!!
(Sirjamon, please do not die :wink: hey… sirjamon… hey! o.O Oh S*** someone call an ambulance!, sirjamon if you see a light do not…!! D: )

And remember this is a community mod now, so if you want to help, or you have more ideas, just tell us!!


The Fed Elite Series: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4755&hilit=fed


yeah i downloaded them one week ago, lovely work…
EDIT: WTF, sirjamon didnt make a entry?! Oh S***, hey sirjamon if you want, stop working on my designs and make at least one entry (after studying), just for fun :smiley:
Whaaaat?! ponyus didn’t make a entry?! OMG man, i hope you are working on some supraawesome ship, you are really good, you proved it with The Deserters xD


Wonder how many layers the Ex. Delta has…


well, as i see, A LOT!


you should send pms to all of them, or even emails, and invite them.