Vote for your Favorite Ships - And the Winner IS !


I recieved a message from the author of #13


woah, niiiice…


For some reason, you’d expect more… Imagine what could get under the shield of that ship once it gets implemented ingame…


You should know already I take my time to create stuff. Rush jobs tend to be crappy :stuck_out_tongue:

Except Spartan and Whale I think all of the ships in my 3xper1ment4l mod could get inside it’s shield if leviathans are made as big as I imagine them :slight_smile:


The spartan could fit inside the shield- I mean, it’s only 250 big and the Leviathan is probably gonna be twice that size (most sprites are 2x the size they need to be when on normal zoom).


Of course, there is not a perfect ship, one disadvantage of super capital ship are the shields, so i think on this titan as a armoured one…


OOh could we have a list of people who have entered? And praetoran will you have specialised ships or all round good’ns?


the description says its an old design. perhaps it is too old to be compatible with shields. you could add like a -90% shield boost and a 30% armor boost.


For me that is not a good idea…

GAH!!! IM PRAETORS PRAETORS!!! Praetorian is the name of the mod!!! my nick is so hard to write?!
[size=50]I hope it has not been offensive[/size]

Uhm what? good’ns???

Nice justification :smiley:


Unless I uploaded a wrong version, at v0.29a the Spartan is around the 550 meters big. Yep, it looks blurry in-game but I have the need of coding my dreadnoughts this big :slight_smile:

I think it would be better to be surprised with the reveal of the participats at the end of the contest than knowing them right now that there’s still plenty of time to submit designs. Also, the contest is supposed to be Anonymous so I don’t think Darkstar will want to provide a list of participants too early.

I think people have been a bit off-topic around here :P. Only Randy has provided specific feedback about the designs so I think I’ll also provide a bit to the awesome stuff around. Designs not mentioned is because I think they are already ok.

Design 3: I’ll agree with Randy here, it needs a bit more of detail even if its supposed to be a small frigate.

Design 4: It wouldn’t hurt giving a try to recoloring :slight_smile:

Design 7: It really needs to smoothen the boxy edges. At this moment seems like someone oversized a bunch of ship parts.

Design 9: The author may want to recheck some of the grey “bars” that attach the different parts of the hull, some of them are cut a bit in specific parts.

Design 11: The edges of the sprite look a bit… weird.

I don’t have much more to say, most of what I said is nitpicking for some cases :P. Overall I’m seeing great stuff around (all those Tribe designs could have perfectly fitted in my mod :slight_smile: ).

Kudos to 3, 5 and 10 for not being made by completely scrapping parts from GSB ships :slight_smile:


Unless I uploaded a wrong version, at v0.29a the Spartan is around the 550 meters big. Yep, it looks blurry in-game but I have the need of coding my dreadnoughts this big :slight_smile:
In the version that I have, it’s 250… Mine must be older. Also, try doubling the size of the sprite, sharpen it, and apply it to the game. That will give you a much crisper result. I’v done it if you want to use it:
I know that it looks blurry/pixelised but , the game will resize it to 550 which means that when you zoom in, it stays sharp-ish.


Im making another one soon :smiley:




No one knows which one he’s going to make :slight_smile:

I would enter myself, but my abilities in the graphical department are sadly lacking.


What?! Just post a ship xD
No really, you dont need to be a professional for make a ship, its really easy, look at me, im terrible with almost everything and i make cool looking 4 desings for the fleet (not for the contest), i will show them when they are functional, like the EX-Dymas…

Im sure what i already say this before, but i will repeat, there will be 4? winners, their ships will be in the mod, but that is not all, we will chose some of the best non-winning ships for add them to the mod, because there are too many great designs here :wink:


haha I thought you might ;D

(edit) Pre… can I call you Mr.P? don’t worry I’m not offended xD and by “all round good’ns” I mean ones that are good at everything but weaker then specialised ones of that purpose!


well yeah, different ships are better for different tasks, like the dymas, it is good for rushing-in-swarm and formation crushing tactics (because it can go really fast to a close range, then the ships without short range orders will try to move away)
Seems like Praetorian Ind will be a weird mix betwen long range weapons and fast ships xD (cruisers and levithans will be the exeptions)


I’m working on the finishing touches of my sketches…
I just had some odd angles, need to get a top and side-sketch, so the modeler can get a good feel for my vision.
plus i need to find a high enough res scanner that can handle pencil…


Wow, seems to be very detailed :smiley:


I’ve been doodling space ships since i was 7. They’d dam well BETTER be detailed!