Voted Out Of Office, End Of Game

Is it just me, or is it a bit of a bummer that when you lose an election, thats it. Game Over.

Can I suggest that when you lose an election, you have the option to simply play out a term in oppoisition, maybe criticising the now government’s policies in the press etc, and hopopefully being able to win the next election, when you may find that all sorts of new problems have been caused, while ones you were struggling with have been sorted out.

I think there are a lot of possibilites here.

Well, don’t forget that in the real world, parties often have the traditional blood-letting ceremony after losing and turf their leader out on their posterior …

Yeah I know, but I’m just going by something that cliff said in a different thread that instead of playing the game from the point of view of one leader, its more from that of one political party.

Hence why when your playing the U.S., your not limited to two terms.

Oh, yeah - good point!