Voter groups

Hello there :slight_smile:
I have been playing D4 and tinkering aka modding it, for the past week now. I do enjoy the game very much and since it’s in Alpha development, I thought about making a little bit of a change in the voter group types.

We have many voter groups. Among which are goverment employees. I would imagine as anybody else that this group contains:
doctors, nurses
and everybody that works for the government.

However we don’t have the a group that would represent the common working man / woman.

Since we do have self-employed as a voter group in my opinion it would make sense to have a group that would be workers.

So my question is:

Does this make sense?
Or do you think it’s too complex or too tedious?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

I guess we implky that people who are not self employed are all workers, but is there really a policy or simulation value that would affect ‘workers’. Its such a nebulous group, as a top accountant on $250,000 is a worker, as is someone doing road maintenance on $15,000. I would suggest that these people have very little in common, other than maybe a concern for employment law protecting them, but even then this is more likely to affect the lower paid (poor) worker, as they have little economic power and are more likely to be exploited.

Happy to be shown wrong though :smiley:

I think a voter who is cross-section of poor/middle class, trade unionist and that isn’t self-employed makes sense to me as representative of this demographic. The probability that they are unemployed as opposed to being a “worker” is just a factor of the unemployment sim value.

When it comes to stuff like this, typically the method cliff uses is to boost the opinion of the group it doesn’t change by an amount that compensates for a change to “everyone” opinion (see carbon tax). But that is a little clunky. It’s just not a spectrum with a centre like capitalist-socialist is, so two voter blocks doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the work required to support that.