It seems like you can’t ban one group of voters from more than two other groups. Is this correct?

you mean by using modifiers in the voters csv file? I’m not aware of there being any limit to that. But the actual hard coded preventions for stuff like socialist and capitalist can’t be modded.

Yeah, I’m fiddling with a (backed-up) copy of the csv. It’s just that I’m trying to make the middle row all economic categories and all (or at least some) mutually exclusive. This doesn’t seem to work :confused:

The reason you might have trouble is this:
Those values set the initial values of every voters desire to be in one group or the other. Once those decisions are made, they are set in stone.
But then, the initial policies for each game are applied, and back-projected to see if it means anyone changes groups. That can mean people who initially are not in a group, become a member of it the minute the game starts. As i type this, I think I can see a way in code to rectify that, so I will give it some thought…

Ah, okay, thanks, I was beginning to wonder whether it was to do with the game’s initial policies.

If I edit group X’s info to stop them being in group Y, does that mean that group Y can’t be in group X too, or do I have to add that as well?

you have to do each separately I think. I might try and dig out the source code

Okay, thanks Cliffski