I’m trying to mod this file but since there is no guide for it I don’t know what means the columns in the file, what are default and override joins?
I guess percentage indicate the total percentage of that voter group in the population.

Hi there,

voter groups
Note: that some are special!

Socialist, Capitalist
Commuter, Motorist
Liberal, Conservatives
Poor, MiddleIncome, Wealthy

linked: P+M+W =100%
linked: Lib+Con =100%
linked: Soc+Cap =100%
All =100%

Configuration file ‘votertypes.csv’ is difficult.
But you can change membership indirectly via adding
e.g. StateEmployees_freq as an effect/output
in policies, situations, events or mission.\scripts
(scripts are great for changing start conditions).

Do the same with groups’ popularities.

Always backup original files first!

pls see Modding Guide:

Pls read these discussions, too.

Voter Types

Removing a voter group

Can i add new voter groups?

Today I found this:
C:\Users.…me…\Documents\My Games\democracy3[b]config.txt[/b]

POLLTOGGLE_Socialist = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Capitalist = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Retired = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Commuter = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Patriot = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Motorist = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Liberal = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Religious = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_TradeUnionist = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_SelfEmployed = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Environmentalist = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Wealthy = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Poor = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_MiddleIncome = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Parents = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Farmers = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_StateEmployees = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Conservatives = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_Young = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE_EthnicMinorities = 1.00
POLLTOGGLE__All_ = 1.00

I tried to change/remove lines
and tested it, but found no results.
In game, this stayed the same: main menu gui, election groups, focus groups

What does ‘config.txt’ do?
Can it be used somehow?

Maybe you have more luck, than me, to figure it out :wink:

more than 20+1 voter types

Well, since you can’t realy remove a voter group/type
( because of the requirement to change almost all text files
*.csv, *.ini, *.txt in all subfolders of \Democracy 3\data\ ).

Is it possible to hide* a voter group/type somehow?
If you like to have more than
20+1 voter types?
(* at least for main menu gui)

( e.g. for adding a group like alcohol affected / alcohol enthusiasts
in northern countries who become quite pissed
when you try to reduce crime and stuff
by upscaling alco tax or alco laws :wink: )


Therefore a voter can be a conservative socialist? Sounds strange :smiley:

Do you know what the column “default” affects? I changed all values to 0 and didn’t note changes in gameplay.

I found that default should be the default happiness of a votertype, I have increased that of socialist and found socialist happier about government at the start of a new game.