Waiting on the MAC version - should I hold my breath?

I’ve been a loyal Democracy gamer for awhile now and since I purchased my Macbook I’ve been eagerly waiting for D2 to be made in a Mac version - is this planned for the future?

To be honest, I don’t know at the moment. I’m in discussions with a publisher so everything is on hold until I know what will happen.

I’m another one waiting for the Mac version, I’d definitely buy it, but the wait is making me slightly impatient.

Gaaah! I bought the PC version because I couldn’t wait any longer. Any chance I could use Positech’s super awesome guarantee to let me land a key for the Mac version when it comes out so I can play it on my laptop?

sure no problem. In fact I’m now in a position to agree deals for a mac port, I just need to sort out who does it.

Tada!, we have a deal sorted to port the game to the mac. I don’t know exactly how long it will take, but the game will be announced here as soon as its on sale.

Thanks great news cliff. Can’t wait.

any news on the porting? i’m a patient yankee :mrgreen:

Not yet, but it should be quicker than before apparently :smiley:

This is excellent news. I just started playing Democracy 1 again after a long time away. Glad to hear that now I’ll be able to inflict my libertarian dystopia on a whole new generation of hapless voters.

How’s it coming along, Cliff?

rock legend mac is released today, so shouldn’t be much longer now.

Wow…indeed there will be a Mac version! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been waiting for so long. Can’t await to uninstal my Parallels.
So do I have to buy a new license for the Mac version when I have bought one for Democracy 2 Windows Version?

No, if you have bought one version (mac/pc), you will have access to both versions

That’s great. Thank you.

Any news to the Mac version? I’m so excited!! :wink:

Again, cliff, any update or eta on the Mac version??, I know it’s another company doing the mac port and people in the games industry seem terrified of setting giving dates too early for fear of missing them and disappointing fans, but a rough estimate (at least 2 weeks, or at least a month etc) would save me from checking back every two days to see if theres any news.

last I heard was that it was up and running and playable, and that it was being optimised to run better, so shouldn’t be long now!