New to game and I think it is great.

I can play game with the best of them but I am no way capable of modding anything.

Why not a war option/event with the dilema/decision aspect of the game? (the ? in which you appoint UN reps, gay marriage etc.) There are terrorist attacks, you could have found where they came from with the intellegence services and are given the option to attack or handle diplomatically, etc. Or peace keeping actions.

Your success will depend on military and intel funding and the cost of running the war will increase these expenses. Patriots would support, liberals might lose support, etc. It can be a set amount of turns, or money total spent and out come can affect your popularity. A longer action will lower popularity even if you win.

I know this is not a war game, but unfortunately in this world wars do occur and need to be dealt with, wich is the role of the leaders.

Just a thought for the modders.

Sounds like an official new feature really.

This would be awesoome