Washed-out Ship Design Screen

Okay, minor yet annoying bug. When I hit the Ship Design screen from the Deployment screen (usually to check relative ship costs, speeds etc.), the design screen is very often pale and washed-out looking. Occasionally going back and forth between the two screens will clear it up, but not usually. The screen isn’t unreadable or anything, it’s just very light-colored. Weird.

I’ve had this occaisionally. It seems to have something to do with ship selection, but I’m not sure.

wow, I’ve never seen thta, if anyone can work out how to reproduce it, I’d like to know.

I’d like to point this out then. The screen isn’t ‘washed out’ or anything but when you enter the Design screen, the ship’s picture has both the ship and modules layout in full view (front-000.jpg). Clicking the button to the upper right switches between the two as it should but the view of both layers together only appears when entering this screen. Is it meant to do that?

this uses a shader, so it could be a card-specific issue to do with the way that shader works on your card. I’ll investigate.

that happens to me too. whenever i go to the ship design screen, the ship looks normal and all that. but when i make it so the modules disappear, than go back to the module view, i can hardly see the goddamn ship. :frowning:

What graphics cards are you both using? Would it happen to be the same?

Well actually I am not complaining! I like that modules view because I can easily distinguish them from the colors of the ship. I was just pointing out that there are 3 different views but only 2 are selectable.