Wave mode.

a new gamemode that is kind of a mix between survival and scenario mode.

the player sets out ships and orders as usual, but they do it multiple times. when the first wave is destroyed, we bring in the next. there is a limited number of waves though.

lets say that we have a 3 wave game. both the player and the opponent have 3 waves each.

the player wins the first wave, but has few ships left and they are badly damaged. the opponent quickly dispose of them with little effort, however the player managed to take out the fighters. without the fighter support, the opponent is doomed… or so it might seem. the player hadnt planned to destroy the enemy fighters so fast. his second wave was made up of mostly anti fighter frigates. the opponent has little touble wiping them out. the player has his last wave sent in, which is mostly made up of stationary armour tanks. he wipes out the enemy cruisers, but half of his forces is destroyed. the opponents last wave was made up of fighters and carriers. he cleans up the enemy tanks and stand victorious.

each wave has its own pilot and resource limits. i believe that this would make for even more tactical games than we have already. the player planns all his waves before the game starts.

So basically you’re saying Survival Mode, except both players get to bring in reinforcements, instead of just the AI.

ditto that :smiley:

I just want to say: YESH!

  • Yes the wave idea would be great.
    I would ad a sort of identity engine to the game sothat players wouldn’t play against strategies but eachother (like a facebook function or a sort of msn chatbox feature).
    During chat they could then discuss if they’d like to play another wave and press button to ad another and how big and wich map and
    with how many honour points and pilots/ map features.
    As well as just setting up a game with 3 rounds predetermining how many points and pilots are going to be in what particular wave.

Ofcource the ships should have to survive battle.
That’s cool, immagine:
someone creates a perfect counter strategy for a faily succesfull first wave of an enemy, the counter would work brilliantly,
but then it’s ships would do horribly the next round. On the other hand if some ships actually survive the clash on both sides,
they could lay the basis for a very well balanced fleet a few turns along the road.

This would thus be: a great chance for players to gradually try out new stuff!
/ to learn new ways to (gradually) improve upon your game…

I cant wait Cliffsky! Get programming!

Ketejan out- (p.s. Ketejan is allso a character in 2142, feel free to add.)