We have finished all the translation of simplified Chinese!

Hi Cliffski,

How are you?

I think maybe you are too busy recently, so you missed my last message on the forum, but it doesn’t matter!

Here is the link that our previous discussion: https://forums.positech.co.uk/t/for-chinese-code-support/16895
Please check it when you are not busy! :slight_smile:

We have completed the localization of most of the texts in Chinese, so we hope to invite some players to test it.
Can we upload the localization files through steam workshop? - Because in this way, we can update and fix some text at any time without disturbing you too much! Of course, after the testing, we hope to be able to add our Chinese translation to the official language support!

BTW, could we get 10 keys for translators? I bought the game a long time ago, but I hope translators can get a copy of the game to join the testing!



Look forward to your reply~

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Just a heads up Kevin, you can ping Cliff if needed.

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@cliffski Hi~ sorry to disturb you, just in case you miss the message


Thank you for your contribution to the game! Yes, I’m sure Cliff is very busy.


I keep meaning to look at this! I have been swamped with other things… So there is a complete Chinese translation somewhere I can test? This would be awesome.


Glad to see the progress on the Chinese Translation Cliff! Glad to see that you are getting help!

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