We Need a Clear Fleet button

I was trying to do a Challenge…

I guess because it is on a smaller map than the last one I did a bunch of my ships appeared far outside the deployment area.
Some of them even appeared off the screen. Because they are off the screen I can’t select them. Because I can’t select them I can’t delete them.

There needs to be some function that will delete all deployed ships.

yeah that problem happened to me too. I was like…

“WTF! Where did all those cruisers come from?! :O”

deleting all saved fleet deployments seems to fix the problem

Aha! That worked, thanks. At least I can play now. :slight_smile:

Still needs a button though, that’s a pretty hacky fix.

yeah, it’s annoying when you’ve worked practically hours on a fleet and have to delete it somewhere else :frowning:

Move out, move in. :stuck_out_tongue:

nope, doesn’t work. temp_deployment is usually the culprit and it likes to be annoying D:

On maps I use frequently, I take an empty deployment and save it as “Blank.” This is a workaround but it works for me. I can also copy this blank deployment to other maps as necessary in the deployments folder.

aha! good idea :slight_smile:

I just load a deployment for a different race. :I

that works too :slight_smile: