weapon dps list

i had some time and decided 2 do this… hope u guys can find this useful

this is assuming the fire interval is measured in milliseconds

noted: this is NOT the absolute scale of which weapon is better as factors like range and accuracy is not taken into account here
also noted: i made this around 6:30 in the morning right after an all-nighter so… there might be a mistake or two in there… should be mostly correct though

-beams: anything that has a beam. also the alliance lightning.
-blasters: small projectile, unguided, fast firing. also the tribe kinetic weapons.
-missiles: it can be guided, scrambled, or zapped by PD.
-torp: plasmas and the alliance fusion beam.

–laser cannon: 1.3
–pulse laser: 2
–fusion gun: 1.4
–rocket: 3.2
–torpedo: 0.2 (underpowered IMHO)

–frigate beam: 1.3
–frigate smalbeam: 1.3
–frigate pulse beam: 2
–ion cannon: 2.5
–rapid laser: 1.7
–phaser: 1.5
–autocannon: 1.1
–torpedo: 0.6
–anti-fighter: 1.7
–disruptor bomb: 0
–emp 1: 0
–emp 2: 0
–fast missiles: 0.3 (underpowered IMHO)
–frigate missiles: 0.3 (underpowered IMHO)
–plasma: 0.9

–normal beams: 2.1
–proton beams: 1.5
–fusion beams: 2
–defense beams: 1.6
–pulse beams: 2
–imperial beams: 1.6
–lightning beams: 1.3
–disruptor beams: 0.7
–cruiser laser: 4.6 (overpowered IMHO)
–quantom blaster: 1.3
–howitzer: 2.4
–autogun: 0.9
–decoy missile: 0
–fast missile: 1.3
–megaton missile: 2.3
–normal missile: 1.5
–multiwarhead missile: 2.2
–rocket: 2
–firefly rocket: 1.2
–nuke missile (counting radiation): 1.3
–fusion: 0.9
–light plasma: 0.9
–normal plasma: 1
–heavy plasma: 1

You’re off by a factor of 10 on these.

That said, there was a long discussion on the cruiser laser somewhere… aha. Here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4456

Personally, I think they need to be toned down somehow, but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus in favor of that.

what do u mean im off by that much? all i did was damage/fire interval and times 100… i hope that’s how they calculate these things…

Missiles are contingent on range and other factors.

i know… is NOT a scale of how good a ship is. just how fast they can pound away at another ship assuming it always hit and the other ship has no armor

The firing interval is written as one per 1 thousandth, so you need to multiply all those numbers by 1000 to get the DPS. Also I notice you round down most of the numbers.

Which is better? The Howitzer or the Cruiser Laser? While the Howitzer has the attack speed is 60 (making it a towering 100 DPS), when in combat it seem to consistently have a long reload after a few rapid fire shots.

it fires in bursts… also calculated in this list

Don’t think you got howitzer on the list.

Anyway it comes out to be 24 DPS, so Cruiser Laser deals more at 46.51.

i gotta fix the digits sometimes… btw thx i just editted it on :smiley: