Weapon effect under the turrets???

I have noticed something that im not sure if it is a game bug or it is just something that is wrong with textures / modding issues. I just noticed that if u put a turret that fires a beam type weapon behind another turret, when the beam weapon fires in the direction of that turret, the effect of the weapon pass under the turret in front of it, and it is very awful to see. Anyone noticed this??

Same here, i noticed this event when i first started modding and send an email to Cliff regarding this “Graphical Glitch”
He reponded that he is aware of it but “had yet to investigate how much of a performance hit it would be to fix it”
I also remember it being mentioned by another modder in a thread awhile back, but i cant find that one.

Anyways, after a bit of investigating, i figured out a way to avoid this from happening.
Its was to do with the order of placing the weapon turrets. So when was placing the turrets in the editor by going from bow to stern, the ship seemed to avoid this paticular glitch.

Wat u mean exactly? placing the turrets in a bow arc ( i dont understand u -.- ). ? its weird that i didnt notice this bug and i have 2 mods done and 1 more in progress…, but it is an important glitch, that should be fixed in future updates (and i dont think it is going to affect the performance too much…).

Thats one drawback about the english language . . one word can have different meanings.
Bow as in the front of a ship
Stern as in the rear of the ship

So when you place turrets, start at the front of the ship and progress to the back of the ship. So when you look at the text file, the turrets at the back have a higher ID number.

thx for the explanation ^^, i already knew the meaning of “Stern” but i didnt know the bow meaning in this context. I will look into it, thx man.

Stern also can mean relentless or unyielding - so i wanted to make sure :stuck_out_tongue:
Although placing the turrets in an “arc” that is “relentless” also makes sense for a front line battle cruiser :slight_smile: