Weapons and targeting balance.

Hi, thanks for a great game, here is some suggestions.

I have run quite a few games now, and something is clear.

  1. Heavy beam weapons are very infeffective, their slow reload makes their actual damage to be very poor.
    For example, I had 3 beam cruisers be totally unable to blow down shields of another ship, ever…

2)Best damage, is the fast missile launcher, it can blow down shields in no time, and continue to totally devastate a enemy ship in matter of seconds.
While I don’t mind this, I don’t get why the Megaton missile and other missiles have to move so slow, surely they could move at same speed as the fast missile
launcher but reload slower. As it is now, only the fast one ever gets anywhere, and again, the damage over time is massive compared to even the megaton.

Mentioned this elsewhere, I think it would be better if heavy weapons could not target fighters at all, I don’t see a reason why missiles or heavy beams should even
bother. At the moment the ships ignore any orders and fire on fighters no matter what, mostly cause I think they can’t drop what they are currently target in
favor of a better target that just came in range, but thats speculation.

  1. Useless weapons.
    Anti-fighter beams and lasers on heavy ships, does almost no damage, and in the case of the missiles, never hits. They just turn too slow.
    I wonder also why the anti-fighter beam on frigates does 10 while on Cruisers same gun does 7? Still not enough tho for some reason.

Thank you, hope this helps :slight_smile:

On cruisers the gun has a much faster tracking speed - it’s the only gun in the game capable of hitting the faster fighter designs, although there are a couple too fast for it that need tractor beams to take down. (See my new ‘test your antifighter rig’ challenge. If you let it run after it’s ‘finished’, you’ll soon see the last fighters standing will inevitably be these frighteningly fast rocket rigs. It may be impossible to destroy these without tractor beams.)

heavy weapons shouldn’t be precluded from firing on fighters… some of the built-in scenarios i’ve found that my anti-cruiser weaponry can decimate the initial fighter attacks (due to them coming straight at the guns). (of course, whether this is a good thing or not is a matter for debate). also, tractored fighters can be hit by heavy weapons - particularly at range.