[Weapons] Long Range Weapons

I’d like to see some really long range weapons; right now you have missiles and plasma cannons which is what this game passes off for long range, but i’m talking about stuff like my Extreme Range Weapons mod: weapons that let cruisers (or frigates or whatever) fire from well outside of most other weapons. Something like sniper lasers (super long range and accurate), long range rockets (expensive but powerful, and decently long range).

I don’t think this is such a good idea. Weapon range is already a very important factor. Given how slowly cruisers move, giving them hugely long range weapons might end up precluding the use of anything else.

Well, it really depends on the balance. If the weapons were weaker, then they’d be support type weapons that can help in a battle but not turn the tide on their own. Which i suppose would make them more suited to fitting on frigates :slight_smile:

While working on some longer range weapons for my super cruisers I found out that most were oneshooting the others before they got into range to fire there own weapons. but if I where to mess with the tracking of the weapon it would miss so much that it was not effective at all. The only option that I see is like in Eve-online were as the longer range you go the less damage you do. I’ve been doing a major rethinking of my super-cruisers and might go about redoing most if not all the weapons once more, same range as there lesser version but just more damage less tracking bla bla bla. With maybe a few longer range low damage weapons that they can field that are powerful in terms of armour and shield penitration.

Anyways I’m getting off subject. I do agree long range weapons are great! But i don’t think they need to be any longer than what they are right now. a 2000 plus range weapon is just too overpowered, unless it is a missile type.

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I am quite happy with my extended range varients of the standard turrets. The increase is not huge, but it is an advantage which is offset by higher costs/power/weight. These weapons are useful for the heavy cruisers that sit behind the line of skirmish as fire support.
(Just don’t let anything come near them as they will not be able to shoot it)

I’m running into that long distance trouble with doing the Eve-online mod. Most the larger guns are upwards of 60 to 94 km in range and thats like 6000 to 9400 and there are maps that are much much SMALLER than that and plus the engage at range for orders only goes up to 2000. so i’m going to have to do some MAJOR range reworking to get this right. Converting from eve-online to GSB is not easy i tell you that.

Add in a conversion factor. Maybe divide everything by 10? Gives you a range of 600-940. Keeps the weapons with the same relative ranges to each other.

I’ve tried to do something like that but i keep getting the fighter weapons range under 100. This is the weapons stats from the item database from the Eve-o fourms without any modifycation from me.

75mm gatlin railgun Optimal Range 6 km Accuracy falloff 3 km Rate of fire 2,600 s
Dual 1000mm railgun Optimal Range 96 km Accuracy falloff 24.50 km Rate of fire 14345 s

As you can see there is a LARGE range differance between the smallest rail, and then capital rail turrets. I am also having troubles with converiting over the traking from eve-online as they go by how many rads per second the turret moves and Cliffski just a number. I have no idea how to base the traking for the guns the one I have currently has the 75mm rail at 3.20 and then D1000mm rails at 0.32 I think nope 0.485625 rounded up to 0.48. As for the refire I’ve droped the last number off so the 75mm rails are 260, and the D1000mm rails are 1434. I’ll try to make a more cleaner table of how I have the guns range/tracking and refire times and post it up here somewere for people to help convert over.

You can convert on a curve instead of a strait line. Logarithm is your friend.