weapons stats ?

i rebiuld my fleet at the moment and i found that that impulse beams laser cannons (dont now the name) for the federation.
faster bursts than the other beamcannons etc.
this cannon is 5x faster than the other ones, but just 4x weaker in dealing damage.
now i wonder how the damagepoints are counted
per shoot or per minute?

i hope you understand my question, although my english is not the best :wink:

Quick answer: 1/4th the damage done 5 times as often is 1.2x the damage (1/4 * 5 = 5/4 = 1.2)

Long answer:

Only Cliffsky knows for sure, but here’s my stab at it:

  1. Weapon might miss entirely. It appears from my experiments that all weapons, including missiles, have a to-hit % applied on launch. A miss then has an ordained destiny to fly off into the void. The to-hit % appears to take into account how fast the target is currently moving, how big it is, and how far away. A non-moving target, no matter how fast it is capable of going, is a non-moving target. Interestingly, the closer something is, the more the speed it moves matters to this calculation. A fast moving object close in is almost impossible to hit. This yields the “optimum” range for a weapon, close enough to hit the size of the target, far enough away that the speed it moves is less important.

  2. Weapon might hit a shield. If the weapon is launched from very close, it will not hit the shield.
    a. The weapon will be reflected entirely and do no damage if it has a shield penetration lower than the resistance of the shield it hit.
    b. The weapon will apply its damage to the shield “strength” otherwise. Shields regenerate over time, so it is needed to overwhelm the shield with damage. Once a shield goes “down” it’s permanently turned off.

  3. Weapon might hit armor. If the target ship has armor left, the weapon will strike armor.
    a. If the armor “thickness” is high enough, the weapon bounces off, doing no damage 98% of the time.
    b. 2% of the time, it does damage anyway.
    c. Armor penetrating weapons (penetration higher than thickness) apply full damage every time.
    d. Armor can be repaired by armor repair modules (cruisers) or by fighter repair bays (on cruisers, for fighters)

  4. Weapon damage is applied to the hit-points of a randomly selected module of the ship. Excess damage is applied to remaining modules, a ship with no modules left explodes.