Weather and Social Activities and other questions

  1. So I’ve been tinkering around with the social activities, as starters.
    I’ve been trying to make soccer depend upon weather rather then time of year (just like Snowball fighting).
    Iv’e changed Monthstart and MonthEnd to -1 each, changed it to be available every day of the week, and then added in the very end “weather_sun,0.2”, just like snow in Snowball fighting.
    Now soccer NEVER appears, not even on August. I tried putting weather before the energy demand, and to no avail. Also to no avail was my attempt to try and find the number which will make Soccer appear (I assumed it’s a “min” value, or a “max” value.) So does anyone know what’s the problem?
    Also I noticed Soccer is a GAME type event, while Snowball is NORMAL. Tried moving Soccer to normal, yet again to fail.
    Can someone help me?

2. Does fitness effect how much you loose energy for an activity? That would make sense. If not, can I put “0.24*(1-fitness)” for a the amount of tiredness gained by doing the action?
3. How can I check what is the weather besides the graphics? That is, number wise.
4. Is there a hard limit to the amount of social events available? Or can I theoretically add as many as I want?
5. in config.txt: Boredom_degrade - is it like other degrades? higher means less degrade? same question for “GV_REL_DEGRADERATE”.