Web-content updater in development

Its crude at the moment, but the next patch for Democracy will include a new web-update check feature. Basically, the game will be able to download new policies, events etc automatically from within the game itself.
It’s a bit of a prototype right now, but the plan is for a new button on the main screen that looks at the list of mods on the server and copies new ones down automatically.
Hopefully this will lead to an increase in the number of available events, policies etc.

Very good news!
It would also be cool to see what policies have been added to the game…

Where are patches downloaded from?

to get version 1,32 you need to email cliff AT positech.co.uk with your order number or email address. Then from this point on, new policies and graphics / sounds etc can be distributed automatically.

I just added a new dilemma - Housing Expansion for the UK. You just need to click the ‘check for updates’ button on the main menu to get it installed automatically :smiley:
have fun!

new dilemma again today - People Smuggling.

I’ve bought the game in a shop and don’t have an order number. How can I get the update?
Why don’t you put the update on the homepage for download?

the update is only for the online version at the moment. its not a traditional patch.

is it possible to make the patch for the german version?

Ok, for anyone having problems with the auto updater, this patch should fix any hangs or crashes:


it also fixes a bug where the green trophy couldnt be won. You can try this patch on the retail version, but I can’t be sure it will work, sorry!

This also hopefully means that a new country (portugal) can be downloaded now.

It seems that the unpatched version worked better - with 1.4a I can’t get autoupdates - the game crashes.

freezes or actually crashes? can you send me the debugdata files if it crashes? cheers.

It is just like what Mike is describing in the new topic - problems with check for updates. When it comes to data/webfiles.txt it just goes blank, then it shows the windows error and after that it crashes. It doesn’t even offer the debugdata files.

(My version is 1.4a)

patch is not working on the german retail version…an error with procedure “read”…

How can i run the patch under retrail version (german)?

Hi, is it possible for there to be a page on the main website or forum, with individual download links to all the mods.

I’m running a full Mac version, which doesn’t have the auto download feature, but manually installing the mods seems to work, so a comprehensive page of mods would be nice.

I think mod-downlaoding is in development for the mac version. Most of the mods are linked from the modding subforum, but I guess I should make time to revamp the modding page for Democracy.

Most of the linked mods won’t download…