Weight Glitch?? Modding Mishap?

Okay so Ive downloaded full version, and the 2 megaminimods, and then I did some modding of my own.
on my previous game… I did not have this problem!
I modded the Config, TV channels and Websites.

My Characters weight is stuck at 100%, my weight in config is set at 1.5 as suggested in a previous post.
I Dont use my tv or have a comp yet. and I didnt change the weight settings in anything but Config.

This is what my Debug thing says.
SimScript::Execute:FunctionName [ApplyEffect]
ParseInstruction [ApplyEffect(weight,0.04,0.91,daily grind)]

Also, I tried playing around with this. setting it as 0.05 and 0.5 and .98 and 0.1 and my weight stays at 100%, work out knocks it down according to applied affect, and then the next day its at 100% again so IDK

Its probably something silly, so Thanks!


I can’t tell you why it happened but you can edit your savegame file and ‘reset’ your weight back down to 25% again. Your saved games are usually stored here:
C:\Users%username%\Documents\my games\Kudos 2\savegames

Step 1: Backup the save game as you might break it.
Step 2: Open the saved game in notepad, hit CTRL+F and search for ‘weight’. You should find “weight”.
Step 3: Highlight all of the lines after the “” line, starting with “<sim_effect>”, down to the last “</sim_effect>” before the"" line and delete them (check screenshots below).
Step 4: Save and close. Run the game and load the save. It should now have weight at 25%.

Here’s a screenshot of my Step 3 before I delete the lines
and here’s what the final weight area should look like after

If you can’t get it to work just post your savegame here and I should be able to fix it for you :slight_smile: Either way you should set your weight back to 0.95 again or you might end up with weight being always 0, unless you want that…

SomeGuyInABikini, with the power of Notepad!