Weird Crash

Loaded up no problem , checked updated files -none to DL, clicked on ‘community’ and then this happened:

Frozen screen.
PC was responsive though - it did shut down after hitting the shutdown button and on bootup a Firefox prompt asked me if I wanted to restore my last session and sure enough, I actually DID connect to this forum.

Not changed anything since I last played, and its not the yahoo version.
Running version 1.18a.

Tried starting again - did not connect to forum this time.
Program crashed again trying to refresh updates, this time totally unresponsive.
Needed to reset PC.

I’d try switching the game to run in a window before clicking that button, so if there is any error generated you will at least see it. You can toggle to windowed mode using alt+enter (if your screen res for the desktop is above 1024 768).

All that button does is launch your web browser to this forum. It could be some combination of firewalls and browsers doesn’t like kudos launching the browser automatically.