Weird display in vertical aspect ratio

My display can rotate 90 degrees for a vertical aspect ratio. This makes it a lot easier to keep track of vertical walls of cruisers colliding. :slight_smile: But when I try to play this way (1050x1680), weird visual stuff happens. The background doesn’t display at all, neither do some enemy projectiles, and ships sometimes vanish near the edges of the screen. Scrolling around makes some of the projectiles and ships pop back up; everything seems to return when I have a friendly ship selected, but vanishes when I de-select it. When the background is visible, it doesn’t fit the aspect ratio (no surprise), so the top and bottom lines are just stretched vertically.

Also, I have to manually edit the resolution in prefs.ini first, or the game crashes with “Failed to initialize 3D Engine:…\src\Game.cpp 284”. That and the menu/design/deployment screens don’t use the space well, but that’s to be expected. :slight_smile: I’d be happy if it just displayed the battles properly.

I suspect this might only be on small maps? The game engine assumes that the window width is always wider than the height, so it may screw up a lot of stuff…