Weird key assignments / Too easy to delete things

The key assignments kind of weird me out.

While placing an object, I keep wanting to use WASD to pan the screen around. Mouse scroll is not consistent and causes trouble when trying to get just the right spot. IMHO Other games I have played use RMB to rotate the item, leaving WASD for scroll…

After placing something (or moving something), you can hit RMB to stop placing things… but if you hit RMB twice, you will delete the item you just placed… this has caused me to delete way too many things. I also sometimes try to RMB/drag to scroll with bad results. IMHO, either make us use the dedicated delete button or at least have a confirmation on delete.

Couldn’t agree more… using the RMB as a way to “uncheck” really make it easy to delete things - it is more frustrating beacuase you reacieved half the “money” (or so) in return, while you didn’t want to delete anything.

I think the next thing is related too- many times you try some new way to put things around to save space or othe things - after all what you just change you don’t like it, or want to replace your last selection (e,g deleting things by mistake).
Is it possible to add an “undo” button?

Another question - is it possible to add “autosave” fitur?

Have a good week,