Weird Module Fault

Alright forums! Lets see if you’ll help me again. So I decided on a mod, called MiniMites. Everyone’s doing bigger, badder ships, well, I’m doing the opposite! I’m shrinking the entire Alliance race into the MiniMites! But I ran into a problem. First things first, I halved everything, but on premise I kept thrust, and crew size, but with only half the weight and the same amount of thrust, you’d think he’d be zippy. But he has the same speed as his larger cousin. Its an easy fix, to up thrust, but can you tell me what gives? Also, I prepped a mini missile launcher for him. Half damage, half cost, but twice as fast and manueverable, for half range. However, when I equip JUST the weapon module on him, it reverts to the regular kind. Name and all. Switches it… Might it be because I halves the Module size, and while the MiniMite hull is small, the module is numerically the same? Help me shrink the world!!!

Alright, so I took the regular module and altered only one aspect: The weight. Once the weight was halved, the module was rejected from the ship design. Anyone know why?

Ah… I found the problem… I feel dumb… I forgot the name = frigate missile line, so the saved build referenced the regular launcher… Fix’d, and he works perfectly… All except his boosters a bit big for his britches… Any idea how to shrink his thruster’s size?

Just having a read of the original post . . is this what your trying to do ?
[example download removed]

If it is, then there are several tweaks associated with miniaturization you need to do for it to work “well”

Well, yeah… I thought it was original at least…

My idea is that the Alliance is a race of bugs that tour the galaxy, but I only know bugs to be small. As a fault of poor foresight, the alliance built fully working, to-scale models of their ships, where, fitting for bug life, a newly developed tiny bug took hold of the models Now they roam the galaxy joining in on the destructive fun, albeit on a much… Smaller scale.

Due to poor thrust returns in physics, I figured I’d make up for the half of everything by a doubling in speed. Missiles would strike faster, their ships untouchable, and I was thinking about including some power’d up modules as they grow as a species, ultimately ending in the classic Mini Nuke.

But since you already did it… It kinda blew the fun… xD

The Minimod I made was a relic from when you could not make the ships any bigger than 250x250.
Ever since Cliff removed that limiter that miniGSB mod faded into history.

What you have proposed is waaaaaay different
All i have done is given you a starting point - change / alter / modify it to your hearts content.
Or start from scratch - its up to you

Either way i strongly suggest that you continue with your idea as it will teach you the fundamentals of modding GSB

Well, sure, my idea well help me learn, and it’s something I plan to keep for fun’s sake, but a race-of-the-day mod that actually lengthens battles (hard to hit, low damage, lolwut?) isn’t helpful… I actually just started a new thread asking what the community thinks the core game needs, not what the hobbyist modder makes…