Weird production line issue that may affect others and how to solve it if it does

I kept having the game hang or on a few occasions crash as a result of over using the cpu cores, but I didn’t actually know this until Imade the cpu show me what was happening in task manager performance tab by having it show me all logical cores, which was when I discovered it was using in my case CPU-3 a lot more than it was supposed to, CPU-7 was also heavily used despite the others being available for processing yet they weren’t being asked for. My solution for my i7 4970k system was to make the production line app in task manager unable to use CPU-3. To my elation, upon doing so, the hangs and crashes suddenly stopped and the game ran a whole lot better than it ever did before.

But before anyone says I have a diff CPU, I don’t, I’ve run performance checks on it intermitently since first using the processor and everything runs very well, the exception to this was production line when I found that the process kept reporting that it wasn’t responding anymore. Since making that change for the one process, I haven’t had a single performance problem with the game, so if you do have problems, it may well be worthwhile checking this out as it was something I hadn’t expected to find either.

This is a bug in version 1.59, fixed soon in 1.60. You can also fix by this:

open this file:
\my documents\my games\production line\config.txt

and setting:
then saving.