weird resolution result

hi everyone
ok i saw Gratuitous on youtube, awsome, so i just downloaded, when i was in meny i noticed its was 1024 x 768 or somheting so i tryd change it

after several tries i ended up whit this

i tryd reinstall but same thing…

in registration i counldnt use “Gratuitous” at last security question or somhetinng
theres no reinstall/repair function
also im using
1024 x 600 (deskop)

Go into your Documents folder, → My Games → GratuitousSpaceBattles, and delete the prefs.ini file. This should get you back to a sane configuration.

Are you on a small-screen netbook? Unfortunately I’m not sure if GSB will use a resolution smaller than 1024x768; or at least that’s the smallest option it gives me.

Edit: I just found this:

Sorry dude.

man… i tought i saw worlds best game…