Weird resturant-caused crash

Well I just had my first Kudos 2 crash… worst possible timing too. :frowning: I lost two new friends, and a promotion, as well as the 50% of culture i’ve been painfully wading through gaining. ;.;

So, I went to the most expensive mexican food resturant, i’ve never had any problems with resturants before… but when I went in, I had this:

I tabbed out of kudos to screenshot this odd thing to my graphics program, and when I came back it was basically… strobeing all over the menu like some kind of raver club, and then Kudos went black, and crashed. :frowning:

The only thing i’ve added or changed at all yet was the .exe file that was made by Cliff of Corylea’s Coffee and Ice Cream socials, so I don’t think it’s anything I did…

weird flashy triangles eh?

I shall investigate further. Its a pain because I can’t reproduce it, but this looks like vertex buffer corruption. Do you happen to have an intel video card?

I have an ATI X1050, if it helps any.

Does the game actually crash? If so, could you give this a try:

I tried to do that, but it doesn’t seem to make an alternative exe I can actually play the game with. It just installs two files and a patch file, so i’m not entirely sure how to use it…

I had until that point gone to the expensive resturants okay, but that time, it did crash with the weird triangle things that were bouncing around before it went black.

In the meantime… i’ve had that other resturant bug as well. Had nearly 1k, the most money i’ve had in Kudos 2 so far at once, and it told me I didn’t have enough money for the most expensive resturant. I had to go to Rico’s instead. Got a screenshot of that, just so there is one:

Aha, what was your salary though?
The snooty restaurants aren’t saying “you can’t afford to eat here”, they are saying “You don’t look like the sort of person who can afford to eat here”. In effect, they wave you away before you even open your wallet.
If your salary was over 40k, then that is a bug though, do you know what it was at the time?

This glitch/bug should be fixed in the latest patch

It was 61k, so it is definatelly a bug. I was eatting there on much, much smaller salleries. XD