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OK, ask away about any modding stuff here and I’ll see what I can do.

I wish I had the technical talent to make mods. I am glad to see the section come up and I look forward to seeing what others are modding.

Any chance you could have the game recognise animaed GIF’s as well as the DDS files for the avatar? It’d be like having a fully 3D animated character, but keeping with the low requirements and size idea.

tricky. you’d need a huge gif for animation. I could have gone down the 3D engine route, but it would take away so much effort frm coding the gameplay, plus raise the games system requirements too high for my liking.

Right. ok hmmm .avi then? :wink: Doesn’t really matter, it’d simply be a sort of ‘special feature’ that not many would use. Just checkin :wink:

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Has a comprehensive guide been written yet on the values inside the csv files? I’d love to write one once I’ve figured out what they all do. :smiley:

Not yet, but feel free to post questions.


a nice csv-editor that DreamTwister found - and yes it makes saving those kudos csv files much easier than openoffice (just hit save button nothing to worry about it works YAY)

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I’m not sure if this has been asked anywhere x_x but is there any way to get these modded avatars in the mac version~? I’ve tried installing them both by putting the files in the avatar folder and by using the in-game update things, but when I go to select the characters, they come up as empty space.~ :frowning:

the mac version uses a different format for the avatars, I think it might be png (can’t remember off hand), so the files need to be converted, which I think can be done in photoshop, but the company that did the mac port originally converted the default ones

Oh alright, well it explains why they aren’t working xD :3 If I had any expierence modding this sort of thing, I’d do it but I don’t xD So, I’ll wait to see if anyone else does :3 Thank you so much!

Can you verify that ‘png’ is the avatar format?
Can you specify which avatars you need converted?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, please specify below and I can prob’ly convert some files for you… unless you’ve already come up with some other solution.

they are PNG files, apparently DDS Converter 2.1 does the job perfectly, so I’m told.

yes, DDS Converter is what I was thinking. This was the first time I’ve used it and yes, ‘perfectly’ is an understatement! Not only does it convert DDS > PNG but it does so very quickly. (converted the contents of the /avatars/backgrounds folder, containing 19 DDS files totaling 4.75 MB, in less than 7 seconds)

I don’t know what you need so I just did all the images (from ‘avatars’, ‘avatars/backgrounds’, ‘female_portraits’ and ‘male_portraits’) compressed the resulting PNGs, zipped it and uploaded it here (6342KB).

[edit]actually, I think there’re some I missed… they are here (2662KB)[/edit]

If there’s something else let me know.

how do i download this stuff

a lot of the mods posted here are just text. often its a case of copying the text and pasting it into the end of the relevant file (depending on what it mods).

ok so i copy the text then paste it in my documents?

well you have to paste it at the end of the right document. so if its a job, it needs to go in the jobs csv file etc, they are all found inside the kudos directory inside the data folder

Forgive me but Im new (and for the record I have the full version available through bigfishgames). Where in the data folder is the jobs csv file? I’ve been trying to add some of the jobs people have posted to see if I could before creating my own. Anyway I followed the directions listed under the military jobs post which were:

To Install, Copy one of the Jobs into “Microsoft Word”, or similar program,
Then save that Document to

My Documents>Kudos>Mods>Jobs
Whalla, your job is ready to be played.

However only a couple of them have worked. Most aren’t even showing up for me yet the same files are working for other people who have copied them. What am I doing wrong?