I can’t quite make policies of my own. I don’t have the right programs to do so :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I would like to suggest someone to make a whaling policy. GDP could increase, with capitalists becoming happier as whaling is more commonly accepted, but environmentalists getting Very unhappy. Liberals might be lightly unhappy with restrictions.

Any other ideas for effects?

oh man… this is a superb idea. I’ll try and find time to do one (just for Japan :smiley:)

As far as I can see for Japan it would make the conservatives and Patriots happy was well. Because it is maintaining traditions and standing up to the rest of the international community.

Completely derestrict whaling and it’d cause an issue of overfishing or something which would damage gdp and average income maybe.

heres my interpretation of it: (just save this over an existing dilemma and rename it Whaling.txt in the dilemmas folder)

name = “Whaling”
guiname = “Whaling”
description = “A resolution is before the government proposing the re-introduction of small scale commercuial whaling in Japanese waters. Whale meat is a prized local delicacy and commercial whaling would create many jobs.”
countries = Japan

0 = “random,0.12,0.9”

Name=“Resume Whaling”
Description = “Whales consume an enormous amount of fish, and may be responsible for a drop in fish catches that affect our economy. Whaling would also provide a welcome boost to our economy. Not every species of whale is endangered, and commercial whaling can go ahead without danger of causing extinction.”

Name=“Keep Ban in place”
Description = “Whales are generally accepted to be amongst the most intelligent non-human species on earth, they maintain a crucial position in the aquatic food-chain and yet have been hunted close to extinction. Restarting commercial whaling would be incredibly destructive, as well as potentially causing a drop in tourism. We should refocus our efforts on whale watching rather than hunting.”

0 = “Capitalist,0.06”
1 = “Environmentalist,-0.09”
2 = “GDP,0.02”
3 = “Liberal,-0.04”
4 = “Conservatives,0.05”
5 = “Farmers,0.05”

0 = “Capitalist,-0.01”
1 = “Environmentalist,0.04”
2 = “Liberal,0.03”
3 = “Conservatives,-0.06”
4 = “Farmers,-0.05”

Personally, I’d like to see a nation of whale-herders (podsmen?) who jealously guard their pods, take only that which is replaceable, and live entirely on the sea. But I have a strong feeling that Democracy is not the game for that. :stuck_out_tongue: