What am I doing wrong? Please help!

I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong here.

I managed to figure out how to make a car (took a while and a little confusing at first; but i’ve done it.)

But now i’ve moved onto researched things etc it’s all a bit more confusing. I thought I am doing it correctly, but it’s not working. I’ve taken a picture of the problem below and I’ll explain it in basic terms… as this is quite a confusing game to explain.

Image: i.imgur.com/v8yN51F.png

Problem is caused below:

Car goes through the ‘Fit Accessories’ slot, absolutely fine.
Conveyor belt into a ‘Fit Lights’ slot - Does not go in. It is all connected to the stock, conveyors right way round etc.
Car says ‘Waiting for next slot’, and the ‘Fit Lights’ says ‘Waiting for next vehicle’. Does nothing.

Does the exact same for Fit Horn, Fit Seats, Fit Windscreen, but it WORKS with ‘Fit Aircon’.

I did do one which went from ‘Fit Aircon’ to → ‘Fit Dashboard’, and that didn’t work.

What the hell am I doing wrong, or is this a bug? Or do I simply just not understand how the upgrade slots work?? I thought at first it’d all be one slot (fit accessories) and I upgrade that, but it looks as if there’s MULITPLE slots for different types of upgrades?

Can someone please explain to me why it’s not working for me? I’d love to be able to play this game, but right now I can’t. I’m stuck.

Thanks all!

I can’t see it clear enough on the picture (I am on my phone), but conveyor belts as directional sensitive. Meaning; if the second slot it on the right side, the belt should be drawn from left (slot 1) to the right. (Slot 2). On the belts you see some yellow black lining. Those are little direction arrows. Like I said, I can’t see it clear enough on the picture, but for me it’s looking like one of the belts facing a opposite direction

You should be able to zoom into the picture on a phone, but I can guarantee you it’s not the conveyor belt. I understand how they work, but the ‘fit lights’, ‘fit seats’, ‘fit windows’ etc sub-category slots just do not work for me, and I am clueless as to why.

‘Fit Accessories’ station is the budget version sort of. When you research specialities for station those budget forms are split up in different stations. For fit accessories they are the fit light, fit horn, etc.
So to solve the problem, remove the ‘Fit Accessories’ and start with ‘fit lights’ and then fit horn, and continue from there.

Thank you! That’s working now.

I didn’t know that it’d be so much… Now my whole layout for the whole factory is screwed.

Ah well, atleast it gives me something to build on!

Cheers again

You’ll find as you go on with research and optimising efficiency, you’ll be deleting and rebuilding lines like it’s gone out of fashion.

eventually, it may look like this…

As they guy programming the games rendering and Ai, those images are both beautiful and terrifying :smiley:

Surely when running you’ll end up with some massive backlogs and bottlenecks on there?? From what I can see there’s basically the same number of each stage? One of the biggest issues I have is bottlenecks at different stages.

Not trying to knock the design or be negative or anything, more curious that anything else as that must have took some time to put together.

Yeah, bottlenecks are my biggest issue, I have no idea how to fix them lol, I’m still trying different designs to figure out what works best… I think smart junctions will help massively.

Smart junctions coming soon! Plus i’d like to find some other ways (apart from more robots) to allow you to fine tune the time it takes for a slot to process.