What am I doing wrong

So I am playing in sandbox mode. I made a pickup and put different rims on it. I also added many other options and they never get put on. Everything is up graded.

Are you putting the production slot down - fit wheels and not the original fit engine slot that adds the wheels? The upgraded features can only be installed on the specific slots - fit wheels - fit brakes - fit lights etc.

Yes I have now made the wheel maker and it is making the rims that I put to have on the pickup. It says no export room. I built and connected a storage room and directly to the fit tire breaks rims station and the rims wont move. Can you only put certain rims on the pickup? One game I was able to put special rims onto a car.

The wheel maker slot is different then the fit wheel slot. You should have the fit wheel slot - and then you have to upgrade each slot to allow the special wheels to be fit. See this image.

The wheel maker slot will allow you to use your own resources vs having to buy them from an outside source. Helps keep your costs down.

Also - certain cars can only have certain rims. I think truck - suv - compact - van - can only have basic wheels, alloy wheels, and five point wheels.

Thanks!!! Got it working now!