What are the differences?

I bought this title from this site over a year ago. Not sure what version. Recently I tried to get Democracy 2 but cannot use it due to “technical” reasons.

So, to get the latest and greatest of version of Democracy 1 in a * complete licensed and updated state * that I can carry in a memory stick and install on my “computer of the day”, I got Democracy 1 (again) from Matrix.

I gotta tell you, I love this game that much!

The big question is… Is the Democracy 1 from this site the same as the one sold from Matrix Games? The one here seems to be ver 1.5, but the Matrix version is at level 1. But this new one is definitely updated from my “old” ver 1.5. How can a v1 be more recent than a v1.5?

What is the diffs and is this forum still applicable to the matrix distribution?

The matrix copy is (as I understand it) the retail copy. If it has voiceovers reading out the text in the game, then that is the retail copy. The addition of voiceovers to the tutorial and the briefing, plus the removal of any web update buttons are basically the only difference between the retail version and the version on our site.