What are the first upgrades I should buy?

I’ve got, oh, maybe 10,000 points. What are the upgrades to buy to make future battles easier?

lightweight cruiser engine thingy,zero gravity cockpit for cruisers.

Only use cruiser laser pellets and photon beam. O yeah and build a slow really strong ship with no weapons and put it in frount with everything else behind it in FORMATION. This breaks the game and makes all battles a trivial matter of time.


this is a very good reason why you shouldn’t do it if you want to have some fun with the game.

priorities should be: the several armor and shield types, fast missiles, supercharged engine and one emp missile, micro crew module is also useful.
everything else is no must-have.


Wert, post a fleet like that. Ive fought many in my time, and won. Its trivially easy to break even the strongest armour. Its called 240 missile launchers. :smiley:

Is it worth it to unlock other teams?

yes. Rebel and alliance are nice. Empire is kinda meh.

Doesn’t matter though. It’s easy to get enough honor to buy everything.

OK thanks for the advice. Off to another game I go!

The Empire is tough to win with. They do have the cheapest laser fighter in the game.

I would unlock the Rebels, and then their Fenrir Cruiser hull. Multi-warhead missiles would be another one. Also, the frigate Phaser Cannon upgrade.

If the guidance scrambler beam is not available in the default game, that would also be a must-unlock. That thing is great against all kinds of missiles.

Unlock all of the various types of crew compartments, and the nanobot damage control unit.

If you design a few serviceable ship types, you can plow through the game scenarios and amass 10s of thousands of honour points.

Nope, it breaks (some) fleets that don’t use retaliate or rescue orders.

Of course, if he combines your suggestions and builds a fleet made of short range ships that also following slow tanks, then he’ll even get beaten by some of the built in missions. You can be slow OR short ranged - combining the two leads to fleets only capable of beating other short range fleets.

Some other particularly useful components (that may or may not be unlocks, I don’t recall):
Reflective shield and phased sheilds (mount 1 reflective, several phased, per ship if you want epic shield performance)
Multiple warhead missiles (MIRV)
Nano repair module
Guidance scrambler beam
Superheavy cruiser armour
Light cruiser shields (almost a ‘must use’ component when using the Tribe)
Cruiser Laser (most powerfull weapon in the game, but short ranged)
Cruiser Beam Laser (eats armour)
Antifighter Missiles (frigate module)
Ion Cannon (versatile / high dps frigate weapon, but short ranged)

Personally, I got my unlocks mainly by using MIRV cruisers and fighters.

Crew compartments, armour (esp powered armour for frigates) engines, shields. I field cruisers with fast recharge, multiphasic and reflective. OWNS. and turbo shields. that extra 7 point really makes the difference. and the different races.

I find powered armors useful for when you have that bit of leftover energy. Decent protection + generally light weight.

esp of frigates. powered armour is the best armour for frigates in terms of damage protection