What are your favorite ships?

Hello, I’m new to these forums and have been playing GSB for a month or two now. I was wondering what some of your favorite ship designs are, and what you like to call them. I’ll give a couple of mine. As you can see, I’m a Swarm player.

Swarm Isis Cruiser Hull
6 Swarm Disruptor Beams and 1 Cruiser Defense Laser
1 Reflective Shield and 1 Fast Recharge Shield
1 Smart Bomb Pulse Generator
1 Ultraheavy Armor
2 Supercharged Engines
and of course crew and power needs
Cost: 2481.6
Speed: 0.14

Swarm Isis Cruiser Hull
5 Cruiser Quantum Blasters, 1 EMP Cannon
1 Reflective Shield, 1 Fast Recharge Shield
1 Ultraheavy Armor
2 Lightweight Cruiser Engines and 4 Supercharged Engines
Cost: 2555.2
Speed: 0.41

You of course don’t need to go into as much detail as me, I’m just curious what other people’s favorite ships are and what their names for them are.

I tend to name my ships Tribe Cruiser Missile or Tribe Cruiser Plasma. You can probably guess what they are just by their name. I have way too many ships to keep track of them by unique names.

Though I have avoided using Tribe lately.

My favorite ship would be my Federation King tiger 2.0 cruiser or King Tiger named after the german WW2 tank :smiley:
Built off the fedaration eagle cruiser hull It has:

1 fast missle launcher
2 cruiser lasers
1 missle scrambler
1 defense laser
2 beam lasers
1 emp cannon
2 supercharged engines
1 zero-G crew
2 lvl 3 generators
2 powered armors
1 EMP shield
1 reflective shield
1 multiphasic shield

It has a speed of 0.14
about 1900 HP
27 shield resistance
about 427 shield strengh
costs 3088 dollars
And is prety good versus everything it takes out shields at close and long range destroys hulls at close and long range and its a pretty good overall ship.
Of course it costs a fortune (just like the real king tiger) and is really powerful (again like the real thing) its awsome :smiley:

That’s a pretty nice design. You could probably get away with using cheaper engines IMO. Since Disruptor beams are so long range, you don’t need to get in there that fast. If you want to test out your designs, check out the Challenges and Tournaments forum.

fast attack squadron:

Justice class frigate:
loki? (smallest rebel frig) hull
cost 700-800
armament 1 ion, 1 RFL
speed 0.83
1 best frig shield
role: fast frigate

Odin class frigate:
odin hull
cost 1000-1100
armament 3 plasma
speed ~0.8
1 best frig shield
role: armor penetration support for justice, artillery

heavy fleet:

Valiant class battlecruiser
valhalla hull
cost ~2800
armament 2 fast missile, 1 rocket, 1 pulse beam, 1 EMP, 1 GSB
speed ~0.2
1 reflective shield, 1 fast recharge shield, 1 multiphase
2 ultraheavy armor ~15
role: flagship, mid range cruiser slug

Phantom class destroyer:
fernir hull
cost ~2600
armament 1 pulse beam, 2 CL, 1 GSB
speed 0.25
1 reflective shield, 1 fast recharge shield, 1 multiphase
1 ultraheavy armor ~8
role: destroyer, close range cruiser slug

other ships/role
devastator class battlecruiser/ anti frig beam ship
minataur class battlestar/ EMP ship, fighter support
asgard class frigate/ fast armorpen support, EMP missile ship