What career path do you choose?

I tried to make them pretty varied and balanced, but I guess people are bound to have their own priorities, so I wondered which ones seemed to be the most popular? personally, when I play the game I tend to be either a lawyer (for the cash!) or a scientist (because I enjoy thinking that in another life, I would be a physicist :D).
Which career do you opt for, or do you choose a different one every time you play?

I’ve tried TV Chef, lawyer, and actor so far…with varying degrees of success in each one. The lawyer one was annoying mainly because I decided at the start of the game I’d try for the lawyer, but didn’t realize that you needed 100% IT skills for any job in that category. On the bright side, that taught me to look at the prerequistes of each job type before starting down a career path! :^)

I’m already an engineer…and I’m not sure I’d want my virtual self sitting in a cubicle all day!!!

Most often I end up in the medical field. I find its easier for some reason.

Plus im just terrible at getting and keeping confidence and kudos so there’s alot of careers i havent been able to try.

Thus far I’ve been a TV Chef, Surgeon, International/Corporate Lawyerguy, Romantic Actor and Biologist/Physicist/Chemist.

I found by FAR the easiest ones to get into were the science roles as the courses aren’t expensive, there are jobs for each course taken (and usually partial course completion) and you can still partake in courses throughout the week (as opposed to the law and medical paths that are CRIPPLED by stress), HOWEVER there isn’t a lot of money in the science jobs.

TV Chef is a good one as it gives a moderate level of cash (from memory quite a bit more than the science roles, but obviously less than the lawyer ones) and isn’t overtly difficult to achieve (if you can keep your confidence above 70%, which, if played right, isn’t as hard as it first seems (booze helps a LOT)).

Being an actor was both easy and hard. Being unemployed between acting roles was good too as it let me spend a lot more time with mates whilst still finishing the courses. I was a little disappointed at the low pay of the highest acting jobs though and I found myself frequently low on cash.

My three cents :slight_smile:

Wayno, slamming those pennies down

Being a chef means its easier to get a table at a restaurant too, and food critics always get in :smiley:
I’m amazed anyone finds the medical career easy. You must also love stress-busting pets :smiley:

well actually, i modified the medical jobs so they are less stressful lol :slight_smile:

So far I really enjoy waiter … boring maybe but I’m good at most of the time.
I wanted to try salesperson but having to be dishonest to do so was irritating!
So I ended up back as a waiter.
I tried doctor but couldn’t handle the stress and next I’m going to try Pianist.
P.s it would be good to be able to be a dancer. I modded that in Kudos 1 and it was fun. ^^

so far I’ve been going along the Programming path.

it’s pretty cool, but right now I’m kinda stuck for a couple reasons…

first one. there isn’t a java class. just a book that I’ve finished reading, which got me to 48% instead of the required 60%…

and second, after finishing visual basics and working on C++ both of them take an INSANELY long time to learn, and on top of that, I need to learn programming experience, and there is no entry lv programming jobs.

but I’m alright with my admin job, and I get about $30 a day, which is more than enough. I guess.

it’s just a bit annoying.

There is ONE other way of boosting your Java skills; the Junior Java Programmer position. It requires Visual Basic of 65, an IQ of 46 and Intermediate IT skill of 50. The rarity is 50% so you may have to look for it several times before it appears.

Wayno, hopes you enjoy your Javaering

I find the Law Enforcement path to be especially rewarding and very easy, relative to the other paths. The entry level position as cadet takes a little time to get into due to the Basic Law requirement, but once you’re in, the entire path is pretty streamlined. Having the required fitness and honesty for being Police Commissioner can be tough, but it’s one of the highest paying jobs in the game, one of the least stressful, and has some of the least requirements as far as classwork is concerned (you still only need Basic Law). I usually go from Police Cadet straight to Detective Chief Inspector, and then I make the jump to Police Commissioner. After that, I’m easily set for cash for the rest of the game.