What controls pulse-laser beam length?

Is it possible to have something that looks like long pulses? Basically a length of beam of arbitrary length that flies through space?

The “real” EDF beams do this.

Use a bullet module type weapon, such as the ion cannon as a template.
Height controls the length of the shot and width controls the uh… width. Hope that helps.

Cool! Thanks.

Doesn’t work if you want a double or triple barrel effect.

You might need a modified projectile texture for that maybe. I haven’t messed around with that myself. Invisible turrets close together wouldn’t work for your mod would they?
It’s the only way I know of to make this work that doesn’t look odd.

I tried making a new “bullets” but no dice. Also, if you make the bullet really long it seems to be centered on the turret oddly, the shot appears behind

Interesting. So far I’ve only experimented using shorter, thicker bullets for pulse phasers.
One other thing you could try is using invisible rockets with modified splines and/or contrails and no flares.
I’m not sure if you can specify the spline or contrail texture in the module entry so if you go with that it will affect all missiles and rockets that make use of them.
Not to mention you might have your “lasers” countered by pd. :smiley: