What determines outcome of work or social?

What determines whether you have a good or bad day at work? I’ve gone to work with boredom, loneliness, stress, and tiredness at 0 and been told I had a bad day, and I’ve gone in with those things elevated and been told I had a good day. Since it doesn’t seem to depend on anything I’m doing, is it just random? Or is it something obvious that I’ll be embarrassed to have missed? :slight_smile:

Similarly, what determines whether a social event is dreadful or excellent or somewhere in between? I know that things are supposed to go better if I’m in a good mood and if I match the activity to the friend’s interests. But I’ve been told that my friend had a good time, that she enjoyed talking to my other friend, and that it was the sort of thing she likes and still gotten a “dreadful” outcome. And I’ve been in a bad mood and gotten a “good” outcome. Random?


its a bit confusing, but it does make sense. when the game says that everyone had a good time but the event was dreadful, it means just that. If you go see a movie, the movie itself may be dreadful, but its such a happy and friendly group of people you took, that everyone enjoys the night anyway. Similarly, everyone could be bored and hate each other, but see a great movie. the same is true for restaurants etc, and for outdoor events depending on the weather.

My head is full of Democracy 2 code right now, so i an’t recall the exact equations for work, but I know it is partially random, and partially dependent on what state you are in when you get to your job.

Thanks, Cliff. Good luck with Democracy 2; I hope you’re having fun making it.