What Do I Do To Change The Distance To Jobs?


I’m a long-time-reader-first-time-poster and, after scouring the forums umpteen times and coming up naught, I was wondering: how do you change the distance to work? I know this question has been alluded to often and asked several times (usually by me) but nobody seems to have gotten a straight answer (especially me).

Thank you for your time, I’m sure you will see me around here again.

Wayno, entertaining himself, but still wanting to mod

If you want to decrease the amount of $$ you spend on the commute, the easiest way to do that is to edit the commute.csv file in the \Kudos 2\data\simulation directory.

The first three numbers after the .ogg filename are, in order:
The maximum distance you can use this transportation method (4 miles for walking, 999 for bus, etc…)
The amount charged per mile of travel
The minimum amount charged for taking this method of transportation.

Changing these won’t change the commute distances, but they will be cheaper!

Thanks! I know you weren’t responding to me, but I was browsing the forum looking for just this question. A 4 mile walk seems like a reasonable daily commute limit, but an 8 mile bike ride is utterly trivial for me, I do them frequently and quickly. Someone who uses their bicycle as part of a daily commute will have endurance and speed more like mine (since after all, commuting on bike is how I got that), so I’m going to go add several miles to the range of a bike.

Although this does fix the issue of being able to use a bike/skateboard/motorcycle for longer or shorter distances, I’d prefer to change the distance of the jobs rather than the reachable distance of the mode of transportation. I looked at most of the configuration files, especially the jobs.csv, but there doesn’t seem to be a variable that determines a job’s distance. Is there a way to change it so some jobs are further than 20 miles away?