What do you think about electric money (ecash, credit cards)

Electric money or electronic cash or credit card

My opinion is that the abolishment of hard currency or cash increases the risk of speculation and banking failure / defaults, because it INCREASES the speculation equity of the banks through fractional reserve banking. For each € put into the bank account, the bank is able to lend 10€ or more to customers from the ECB or FED. It increases speculative money supply and financial market volatility.
At the same time electric money decreases tax evasion for smaller companies and causes less friction by automated tax reports.
Since it is more difficult to withdraw large amount of money without being noticed, it battles crime and drug purchases.
In the last 6 years we have seen a raise in electric money and total digital payment in smaller countries like Estland and now even Bosnia,
while big countries like Germany still refuses to swap totally partly due to the high migration costs and investment in cash infrastructure.

First, this thread should be moved to debate.

Second, the primary issue (in the abolition of anonymous currency) is one of tracking. Do you want to live in a country where the gov’t can track every transaction and prosecute law-breakers? Would you rather live in a country where you can anonymously buy things and contribute to politically disfavored charity, political groups, religions etc without fear of reprisal?

It’s an old dilemma. Give the gov’t enough power to control everything that you want controlled, and that gov’t may end up controlling you.